Новый блог комментирует восстания в арабском мире

Позвольте представить один из продуктов полураспада неприкаянной провинциальной “сцены” – новый бложек, посвящённый интеллектуальным упражнениям на тему спонтанных бунтов. Размышления и комментарии ведутся на английском и немецком языках. Особенно рекомендуется долбоёбам-правдорубам и другим феерическим персонажам, оставляющим, к примеру, на Индимедии подобные замечания:

“Восстание” ваххабитов и мелких торговцев. То что АДА и интересует.

Позвольте, liberadio процитирует кое-что:

2. The Arab World has never been, even if it could appear like that, the sorry, left-behind and backward part of this so brave and modern world; on the contrary, all those all too obvious signs of their total failure have been signs of the failure of the modern world itself, which we all live in; and a historical punishment for the inconceivable failure of mankind, not to have done away with state and capital when there had still been time to do so; from the sorry state of the Arab societies, we only can conclude the sorry state of our own ones; and so, to us, it matters profoundly what is happening there today. It only places the burden ven more firmly onto us to do our part, so that this Arab revolt of today, as the Iranian before, will not have been in vain, or worse.

For the politcal analysts on all sides, it is very easy to track the state of things in the Arab countries back to the total incompetence of their elites; and yet another problem is explained to everyones satisfaction. But it is all too reeasily forgotten under what particular circumstances these states have come into being, and these societies have entered history, that is the world market.

Therefore, every analyst needs to conceal, or forget, that the whole capitalist modern world, be it of western or moscovite style, had long before lost its ability to give any semblance of a rational order to its societies; that it lost every inner reason it may have had at some point, and quite a long time ago (Wolfgang Pohrt even speaks of 1870); that this order has been „rational“, even „progressive“ only in as much as one could imagine the hewly created proletariat to overthrow it an put universal human emanzipation in it´s place.

After the world war, and the failed revolution, and the counterrevolution and National Socialism, this perspective is profoundly lost. And so domination and exploitation keeps itself alive, against all reason; it would be exaggerated to believe that domination and exploitation would not look, today, like the lived well beyond the point where the had outlived every semblance of their historical legitimation; that they should have been abolished long ago, and yet live, that is what gives them their zombie-like appearance. That they would at least fulfill, what Marx, shuddering himself, would concede to capital as its historic legitimation: that it would produce bourgeoise society, the modern society of free and equal trades of their own labor: no more talk about it! Capital itself, disguised in a spooky masque from pre-modern times, haunts its deserted ghost towns it itself has created.

Islamism itself, this horrible masquerade, is exactly a totally modern movement, which expresses nothing else than capital despairing on itself.

This Arab World, this backward entity, where only a short time ago nothing moved except for the apocalyptic madness of incited fanatics; that is the exact picture, the true face of this whole world we all live in, everywhere; and it is our case that is made on the streets of Tunis, and of Qahira, and, hopefully, soon Tehran again.

Так что, прошу любить и жаловать: In the absence of truth.

[От себя добавим, что за исключением некоторых развлечений у нас всё на самом деле грустно, но выброс на эту тему будет, возможно, позже. Stay tuned.

Or not.]

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